Hollywood LPR Cameras to Go Live Soon

The license plate readers at the Edgewood and Rhode Island Ave are expected go live by the end of this month.

When installed, the data will be able to be downloaded at the intersection as needed by police . Soon it will be transmitted to police so a site visit would not be necessary.

There will be a few more security cameras installed in other parts of the city. Here is the current status of ongoing projects:

1. Edgewood / Rhode Island–– final equipment installation will take place before the 31st to allow recording of data by the 4 LPR cameras installed at this intersection and on-site data downloading. . Work will continue to provide off-site data downloading and storage.

2. St. Andrews / Metzerott ––County DPW&T has been requested to allow mounting of an LPR on a County traffic signal pole. Once permission is granted installation of equipment will be done immediately. This location was determined to be the best option after evaluation of the St. Andrews median proved the previously selected site to be problematic due to underground utilities. DPW&T response is expected sometime next week.

3. Princeton / Hartwick–– Preliminary approval has been given by Pepco to mount a PTZ camera on a Pepco pole at this intersection. Avrio will request permission to proceed to install the camera next week, before a final permit is issued.

4. Guilford Rd–– Avrio has obtained conditional approval from Pepco for mounting an LPR camera and transmitting equipment on Pepco poles. Poles proposed for mounting 2 PTZ cameras were not approved by Pepco due to other equipment or multiple power lines on those poles. Avrio has been directed to proceed to plan to install 2 new dedicated utility poles to mount the PTZ cameras. Avrio subcontractors have been authorized to purchase the poles. Estimated lead time is two-three weeks. Estimated three days to install poles, conduit, Pepco connection, etc. Equipment is ready for installation.

5. Baltimore Avenue / Lakeland.––Pepco approved use of a pole for an LPR, but denied 2 proposed pole locations for PTZ due to existing equipment and power line installations. Avrio has been directed to plan to install 2 new dedicated utility poles in City right of way to avoid SHA right of way locations. Avrio will work with Pepco to bring power to the new City utility poles. Avrio will coordinate pole placement with Miss Utility and the City Engineer.

LPR stands for License Plate Recognition camera whereas PTZ stands for Pan/Tilt/Zoom remote controlled & monitored camera.

The cameras will be installed by the security camera contractor Aviro.

Our Public Safety staff met with an Avrio project engineer yesterday and we surveyed all the ongoing security camera project locations, determined current status, and conducted a preliminary site visit to identify options for the future Lakeland/Berwyn Trolley Trail project

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