Hollywood Elementary School

Hollywood Elementary School will be losing 2 classroom teachers and  the reading recovery teacher, the school Principal Barbara Caskey said in an email.

“The pre-k program will be half day so we lost that position plus a paraprofessional.  The media position was cut to .4 so we lost that position.” – Ms. Caskey said.

The school will have some larger classes next year with fewer services to help students.

As many as 700 teaching positions will be slashed in Prince George’s County next school year, marking another year of reductions for the cash-strapped school system, according to this report.

The cuts came as part of the new school budget, which was approved recently.  The board earlier anticipated some 1,132 positions cut to close $85M budget gap.

Teachers have been asked to submit their Mississippi teachers retirement system requirements to take advantage of the early retirement incentive program. 500 teachers have already applied for early retirement.

Students will face growing class sizes and new fees. Class sizes will increase by about one student in most grades, particularly in middle schools, where about 250 positions are targeted for reduction. A new athletic fee will charge high school students $50 to participate in school sports.