One of the new 2021-2025 Strategic Plan goals is to advocate for improving the quality of education and learning opportunities for our residents and community’s future.
The City Council has added $40,000 to the approved FY22 budget for potentially funding literacy programs for local students.
At tomorrow’s meeting, The DC Regional Director, Jax Chaudry, will present program information to Council and explain how The Literacy Lab program is implemented in schools and the costs associated with program implementation.
The Literacy Lab has been in contact with Hollywood Elementary School in College Park to discuss piloting a program at this school. 65% of students (278) attending Hollywood Elementary reside in the City of College Park, the most for any school serving College Park residents.
The Education Advisory Committee will meet on 7/19/2021 to review the Literacy Lab information and develop a recommendation to Council regarding financially supporting a pilot program of The Literacy Lab at Hollywood Elementary