If you care about your neighborhood, here is your chance to make it clean, beautiful and inviting to others.

You must have seen this. Over the months, our streets get dirty, and events like this can only take care of that.

The actual cleanup will start after 9am, but please be there early to have a good breakfast. County Council woman Mary Lehman’s office will provide breakfast (bagel, juice, coffee etc.)

MD Senator Jim Rosapepe, and a number of College Park Council persons will be there too. Police Community officer Erol Lobin will be there to encourage his department’s support for our community. We will also be joined by at least a dozen University of Maryland students.

Supplies, such as gloves and trash bags (clear and black) will be provided. All we need is your presence.

The volunteers will be divided into groups. Each group will be provided a sectional map of the close by neighborhood. Thus the more volunteers we have, the larger parts of our neighborhood we will be able to cover.

The event will end with (free) pizza lunch. See you all there.