Hogan Delays Beltway Expansion Project

The 3-members Board of Public Works voted 2-1 (Treasurer Kopp against) to approve Gov. Hogan’s Traffic Relief Plan as eligible for a private-public partnership (“P3”), allowing the Hogan administration to move forward with soliciting and evaluating private investment for congestion relief on I-495 and I-270.
You can watch the vote here starting around 2:50:00.

Though the P3 plan has moved forward, the details/amendments by Governor and Comptroller Peter Franchot of the vote can give residents some hope that the construction in College Park will be delayed considerably, if it happens.

Phased Plan: The construction will not happen at once. It will happen in 3 phases.
Phase 1: All of I-270 (from I-495 to I-70)
Phase 2: I-495 (from GW Parkway to I-95) – Montgomery County portion of I-495
Phase 3: I-495 (from I-95 to the Woodrow Wilson Bridge) – Prince George’s County portion of I-495

Because the Beltway expansion in College Park is postponed to Phase III, which gives us much more time to resist it.

Previously, the Governor proposed As originally the 3 phases in different way:
Phase 1: I-495 from George Washington Parkway in Virginia, across the American Legion Bridge and up to the I-95 North interchange;
Phase 2: I-270 from I-495 to I-370, as well as I-495 from I-95 to MD Route 5; and
Phase 3: I-270 from I-370 to I-70, as well as I-495 from MD Route 5 to the Woodrow Wilson Bridge

Board to Vote on Each Phase. Each phase of the project will come before the Board of Public Works for separate votes, along with a completed environmental review for that phase. Today’s designation of the project as a whole allows MDOT and the Maryland Transportation Authority to seek and evaluate the qualifications of private investors for the first of the program’s five construction contracts, as well as gather input on potential innovative solutions to deliver congestion relief.

Investment to Transit: 10% of toll revenue will be required to be dedicated to expanding transit projects in our county;

Mass transit Bus access through the managed lane (with no toll)

Property Acquisition: No acquisition of properties to take place before the final p3 agreement without Board approval

Financial Analysis: The Board agreed to another Franchot amendment requiring fiscal analysis to protect taxpayers and analysis of sustainability.

Mon Rail: The Board agreed to further incorporate transit by doing an initial feasibility study of the monorail along I-270

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1 Comment to “Hogan Delays Beltway Expansion Project”

  1. By Mary Cook, June 6, 2019 @ 11:26 am

    Prior to the vote, the North College Park Community Association invited SHA reps to attend and explain the expansion at the June 13 meeting. Stay tuned as to what will happen with that discussion.