Hollywood Farmers Market, June 1, 2013

Hollywood Farmers Market is now open in the heart of north College Park, at the Hollywood Shopping Center near REI.

See here some of the photos of yesterday’s market: http://goo.gl/3BpPh

We want to thank you all for coming to the opening day of the Hollywood Farmers Market, which opened in the heart of north College Park, at the Hollywood Shopping Center near REI.

They weather was great and that helped to have a steady turnout since the opening hour. We are very happy to to see the stream of neighbors and their families coming to the market. As one neighbor wrote to us:

“It’s about time North College Park had something to brag about right in our own back yard. I hope to shop here for years to come. It was nice to be able to talk and ask questions about the food I plan to feed my family. Met lots of friends and made some new one.”

Yesterday’s market featured more than a dozen vendors. They included 4 produce vendors, 3 bakery / food vendors, 1 beverage vendor, 1 meat / poultry vendor and a few crafts vendor.

All of the vendors we talked to, said they are happy with the sale they had at the market and intend to come again next week. That certainly depends on how we, as their customers, keep coming to the market in the coming Saturdays.

We also want to thank the neighbors who have worked tirelessly to make the opening successful. Our thanks also go to our sponsors – MoM’s My Organic Market, Carrollton Enterprises, Art at Work and Council woman Mary Lehman’s office.

We plan to add a few more natural / organic vendors to the market next week. Additionally, we’ll have cooking and gardening demo as well as feature local community groups and police at the market throughout the market season

Thank you all who came to yesterday’s market and contribute to its successful opening. If you were not able to come, please consider coming next week. See you all there again