After several months of discussion, the City Council will consider introducing an ordinance to change City Code regarding City’s regular, bulk trash and recycling program at tomorrow night’s meeting.

The Council will not consider the controversial proposal of limiting bulk trash items to 20 items / per year, for now, however, it will consider a new Code prohibiting practices against placing special trash for collection at a property that did not generate it. This will help reduce the abusive practices of the system by some individuals by bringing bulk trash from outside of the city and placing them in front of a City residence.

The fee schedule for the collection of several types of bulk trash items is as follows:
• Electronics: Televisions and Monitors $20 per item
• Appliances: $20 per item
• Soft and Woody Yard Waste: Free if placed as required except for oversized material requiring the use of a crane at a cost of $100 per pick up, per hour
• Construction Debris/Home Improvement/ Demo/Building Materials
• Tires $4 per tire
• Oversized, overweight or improperly sorted material requiring the use of a crane $100 per pick up, per hour
• Cart: Additional refuse cart $50 per additional cart fee, Additional recycling cart No fee

Additional provisions that are included in the draft ordinance include:
• Collection fees must be paid in advance.
• The material must be placed in an organized and safe manner separated into like materials. Materials improperly set out will not be collected.
• Residents may continue to drop off bulky refuse items at Public Works during clean-up events.
• Only mattresses wrapped in plastic or placed in a plastic mattress bag will be collected.

• Will pick up more than the 25-log maximum if debris is the result of branch or tree falling onto abutting property, before removing any trees it is important to do a tree diagnosis to see if the tree can be saved or if it has to removed.

•Any buildings that need debris cleared out from the inside should first do some interior protection to ensure the safety of the crew who is going in the clean up.