[The following was sent by group of concerned residents along the Route 1 corridor. They have spent the last month organizing a fundraiser that will support some of our local restaurants that are struggling financially and county residents in need of food. ]

Covid-19 is having devastating effects on our local communities. Prince George’s County residents who too often already struggle to put a meal on the table are now faced with joblessness and uncertainty about their health and their future. In spite of the temporary efforts of local food banks, they and their families may go hungry. Several of our locally-owned restaurants are also struggling to stay open, and in many cases have had to lay off their employees or close.

As members of a coalition of concerned Prince George’s County citizens, Greater Riverdale Cares & Route One Communities Care ask you to help our neighbors most in need and our local family-owned restaurants. Your donation will pay for the preparation and distribution of nutritious meals for our neighbors facing food insecurity. Five local restaurants are currently participating and more will shortly join. This model has
been very successful in other parts of Maryland.

Please consider making a donation (any amount will help) by going to here:

As the pandemic is likely to continue to affect our community well into the future, we hope you might make a regular monthly contribution.
During this time of social distancing, this is an effective way for you to help by becoming part of an area-wide effort to sustain our communities. We have formed a partnership with Central Kenilworth Avenue Revitalization Community Development Corporation, which will act as our fiscal agent, having served low income individuals and small businesses in the region for many years. We are reaching out to residents of Hyattsville, University Park, College Park, Riverdale Park and possibly other Route 1 corridor communities for
financial support to sustain our neighbors in need and the vitality of our neighborhoods. Together, we can come out of these difficult times a stronger and more united community. We ask you to support this worthy cause.