Please Help Keep College Park Shoppers Store as a Quality Grocery Retailer

Shoppers College Park

At tonight’s meeting, I plan to ask our City Council to consider approving a letter to United Natural Foods, Inc. (Shoppers parent company) to keep College Park store maintained as a quality grocery store. Please see the text of the letter below. If approved, the letter will be jointly signed by the College Park City Council, and the Maryland 21st State Delegation. This item is not on tonight’s Council meeting agenda, so I’ll appreciate if you could please send an email to the Mayor and Council at cpmc@collegeparkmd.gov asking them to add this to tonight’s meeting agenda and approve it at unanimously. Thank you.

It has come to our attention that a total of 12 Shoppers stores in Maryland and one in Virginia will be sold to other grocery retailers, and four more stores, two in Maryland and two in Virginia, will be closed for good.

While we are relieved the College Park store is not on this announcement list, we know it is only a matter of time before this store will either be closed or sold to another retailer.

The College Park Shoppers has served the grocery needs of our constituents in College Park and surrounding areas for more than two decades. The closing of this store would  mean loss of easy access to quality, affordable food for many of these residents. It would also result in approximately 80 employees losing their jobs.

We understand that UNFI is exploring the sale of the remaining Shoppers stores to other grocery retailers. We are requesting that you work with us to ensure that the College Park location is maintained as a quality store.

We know based on extensive feedback what residents want and need in a grocery store here.

The economic development departments for both Prince George’s County and the City of College Park stand ready to help you identify a suitable retailer for this location.

We look forward to working with you and your timely response. Thank you in advance.

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