City can install a handicapped parking sign for residents with disability in front of their houses

Recently, I was asked by a resident to provide information on City services for residents with disability. The resident in this case was having issues with parking in front of his house. He is also having problems with his weekly trash pick up. I was asked if someone can pick his trash up from the yard instead of him having to get someone to put it on the street. Finally, the residents needed other help – such as in leaf raking and snow plowing etc.

These questions led me to contact our staff and here is what I’ve got. I thought I should share this with you all, in case you know a neighbor in need of such services.

On parking, the resident can call contact Jim Miller, our Parking Enforcement Manager, to arrange for the installation of a sign. It is important to know that the sign will not reserve a place just for him, but will allow any vehicle with a disabled person tag or permit to park there. Jim’s contact is here: Jim Miller, Parking Enforcement Manager, E-mail:, Phone: 240-487-3520

On trash pick up, the resident can contact Loree Talley or Paula Greene at Public Works regarding backdoor pickup of trash and recycling. Here is Loree’s contact information: Loree Talley 240-487-3593; Loree and Paula can also be contacted directly at 9240-487-3590 or Once they are contacted, the Public Works will send a form for special back door trash pick up.

On other services, such as leaf raking and snow cleanup, I know a few volunteers who can help. I also know a few students who can do this kind of service to earn their community services hours. Please have them contact me, I can arrange a free service for them. We can also hook them up with our Youth and Family Services to provide other services. Please let us know what kind of services they really need.

Hope this helps.