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Has Rhode Island Traffic Light Works Begun?

Rhode Island Ave. construction

Construction signs near the intersection of the Rhode Island avenue and Edgewood Road have made residents rumoring that the long awaited traffic signals at the intersection are finally coming! Construction materials can also be spotted at the intersection.

According to the proposed design, there will be a three‐lane approach from each direction comprised of one through lane, one right turn lane and one left turn lane. There will also be modified access to the southbound Rhode Island Avenue Access Road at the Edgewood Road Intersection to allow for right turns out and improved bus turning movements. Future (additional) safety improvements include the installation of roundabouts at Indian Lane and Hollywood Road, and resurfacing and repaving of the entire roadway, as well as restoring existing crosswalks.

Rhode Island Ave. construction

The development work was originally slated to begin in the spring of 2011, extend through the summer, and into the fall. Signalization was slated to occur at the end of 2011.

I’m still waiting for to hear the “official” words on the latest status of the project. I sent an email inquiry to Haitham Hijazi, the Director of County’s Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPWT) on this construction activities. My inquiry was sent to other personnel related to the project. I’m still waiting to hear from them! According to DPWT’s website, design for this project is complete. Advertisement for construction bids was scheduled for January 2011.


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  1. Patrick Wojahn

    This is the beginning of the improvements on Rhode Island Ave. around the intersection. Design for other improvements (such as the proposed roundabouts at Indian Ln.) has not yet been finalized. Work on these improvements will continue throughout the rest of the summer and fall, and the signal itself will be installed spring or early summer next year. More information about the project is available here –

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