Harris Teeter store

A prospective developer is exploring an option to open up a Harris-Teeter store on the site at Baltimore Ave. and Hartwick Road. Currently the site is occupied by Applebee’s and Fed Ex/Kinko’s.

The developer has however said that they can only be able to come to College Park if they are allowed to sell beer and wine. This prompted District 3 council members Mr. Day and Ms. Stullich to bring a motion in last Tuesday’s council meeting. The motion asked to add College Park to be added a Bowie bill that would allow them to sell beer and wine to all local grocery stores. Council passed the motion with a vote of 5-2-1. District 2 council members Bob Catlin and Monroe Dennis had their dissenting votes. I abstained from voting, because I wanted to know the views of the members of north College Park Civic Association. Many members had major concerns when Shoppers in north College Park wanted to sell beer and wine several years ago.

Interestingly enough, some found the support for the Harris Teeter store by the council contradictory to its opposition to the Cafritz development that includes a Whole Foods market. For example, the Diamondback recently questioned City Council’s these two development votes.