The much discussed downtown bar Thirsty Turtle finally lost its liquor licence.

On Wednesday night, the Prince George’s County Board of License Commissioners voted unanimously to revoke the bar’s liquor license. The bar could stop selling alcohol as soon as Nov. 23, unless the decision is appealed, the Diamondback student newspaper reported.

The Thirsty Turtle’s troubles are the talk of the town following a quadruple stabbing involving underage bar patrons and a flunked police ID check test.

Much of the credits for Turtle’s loss of license go to a coordinated opposition from many groups from the City and the University of Maryland.

Several groups, including UM and Catholic University of America in Washington D.C., sent letters to the liquor board detailing numerous incidents where underage drinkers at the bar have been hospitalized or involved in drunken altercations. Aaron Zaccaria, a member of UM’s Student Government Association and deputy student liaison to the City said it’s all about safety.

“I guess I would say I’m impressed that the board acted so quickly,” said Mayor Andrew Fellows, who along with the City Council met with county and UM police officials later Wednesday night. “It sounds like it was compelling evidence.” – said Mr. Fellows to the Gazette.

A second hearing for the Thirsty Turtle is scheduled for Nov. 10 to review a bar fight that turned into a stabbing down the street. There will also be a meeting Nov. 23 to review the license revocation.