college park sign

The City Council, last year, added to the City action plan a marketing program to improve the image of the City and attract more people to live in it. Earlier this year, the staff issued a request for proposals to hire a consultant to develop the marketing plan.

Six bidders came within the $30,000 budget, and based on references and marketing ideas, the staff selected idfive, LLC of Baltimore. The staff then sat down with idfive and came up with a plan, with the consultant working for four months and gathering information with focus groups, stakeholder interviews, and a survey.

The goal will be to look at the distinguishing characteristics of College Park, and review plans like the strategic plan and the University District Vision 2020 to see how the marketing plans fit with those efforts. The result will be a new brand and marketing image for the City.

IDFive came to last Tuesday’s Council worksession to present their ideas on marking College Park.

We would also like to make sure that the consultant focuses on a strategy for addressing some of the public perception problems that the City faces, such as University faculty and staff not wanting to live here.