The┬áCounty’s┬áDistrict Council met in a worksession this week and agreed to approve Greenbelt Sector plan.

We’ve been told that the District Council went into a “Committee of the Whole” and voted unanimously to approve the Sector Plan.

We know there were amendments made, but we don’t know yet what amendments.

As far as the issues that are important to North College Park, the box with the language about specifics about the height of the building was taken out but language about flexibility on the heights was included.

The District Council still have to put the changes in the form of a motion and pass it formally at the next District Council meeting, so at that point we’ll know exactly what all the amendments were.

At our last worksession meeting, we passed the letter to support relocation of the FBI to Greenbelt. We added language that we look forward to working with the FBI and the developer to ensure that the development meets those concerns. We also found out that the Four Cities letter has not yet been drafted.

I will keep you posted as I find more information. In the mean time please attend next Thursday’s NCPCA meeting at Davis Hall, where we will discuss further the FBI development at Greenbelt. The developer’s attorney Mr. Garth Beall will be present at the meeting.