Greenbelt sector plan alert

Much has changed since the north College Park community supported the 2001 Greenbelt Sector Plan.

Back in 2001, the community was excited with the idea of having a mixed use development – a development that can potentially have shops, town houses, hotels etc., that can be attractive to residents living in the surrounding area.

The 2012  Greenbelt Sector plan is quite different. In addition to having  the mixed use development, the plan allows developers to construct buildings up to 20 stories tall and a new highway, with the assistance of companies like, at the Greenbelt Metro Station. There are talks of having a major federal agency such as FBI occupying these buildings, thus raising the questions of integration with the residential characters of the surrounding single family neighborhood.

This may impact single family homes in north College Park. On Sept. 13th, members of the North College Park Citizen’s Association discussed this development and unanimously voted to oppose the Preliminary Greenbelt Metro Area and MD 193 Sector Plan.

A group of residents are alerting their neighbors on these negative impacts.  According to the alert, the proposed plan has the potential to :

  • Introduce noise and light to the neighborhood from the construction of tall buildings and new highways.
  • Fill the neighborhood’s eastern skyline with buildings as tall as 20 stories.
  • Allow construction of new beltway ramps behind Al Huda School and near Hollywood Neighborhood Park.
  • Allow construction of a major new highway to University Boulevard along the east side of the railroad tracks.
  • Change the alignment of Narragansett Run south of the Metro Station.
  • Allow construction of a 3,700 space garage near the end of Lackawanna Street.

If you’re concerned about these changes, please attend Public Hearing on October 2nd at 7:00pm at the County Administration building at Upper Marlboro. A shuttle bus will leave at 4:30 pm from Davis Hall.

Sign our online petition to join other North College Park citizens.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.