Greenbelt Metro north entrance

It took a 300+ signature petition followed by a rape last summer and years of violent crime incidents to get Metro Police agree on this.

Greenbelt’s Metro’s north College Park entrance will be getting four cameras this summer.

Metro Police disclosed this information in a stand-up meeting with the City and State officials yesterday early morning at the Metro’s north entrance.

In last March, Metro announced that they received a grant to install 153 cameras across the Metro systems, however Metro said the cameras at the Greenbelt Metro would most likely be installed inside the station.

Metro said four cameras and two call boxes will be installed by the end of this summer. One camera will be placed where riders come out of the tunnel and it will scan the area around the tunnel entrance including the area where the bikes are parked. The three other cameras will be placed along the path.

All the cameras will be have the capability of live monitoring as well as being recorded.

Cameras will be able to be seen at the station manager’s kiosk and in WMATA police’s downtown offices. The cameras will be equipped with an IP address and WMATA thinks the City’s contract officers and Prince George’s Police will be able to log-in to view what is occurring on the cameras. Signs notifying the public that the area is under 24 hour surveillance will also be installed.

This exciting news shows an example how residents and City officials can work together to make something good for the community.