Greenbelt Metro north entrance

Metro revealed Thursday that it plans to install security cameras at the Greenbelt Metro entrance, the Washington Post reports.

The cameras will be part of 153 cameras that the Metro is planning to have at all stations.

The cameras will be bought using a $2.8 million from the Homeland Security Department, said Metro Chief Michael Taborn.

It’s unclear to say if there will be any camera installed in the northern entrance of the Greenbelt Metro.

North College Park residents have long demanded surveillance cameras on the path way from the Metro entrance to their neighborhood. Last year, reseidents sent a 300 signature petition to the WMATA. Metro did not respond to residents’ demand.

As for the reasons for installing the new cameras, Metro cites rise in crime activities inside the Metro station. It also says the bike theft has increased at the outside bike stations. Serious crimes in Metro have hit five year high.

Three stations  — Greenbelt, Branch Avenue and New Carrollton — were the top three stations for serious crimes in 2010.