The bribery related charges surrounding the Greenbelt Metro station development could be part of the reasons why the current (outgoing) county executive Jack B. Johnson was arrested yesterday.

WTOP reported that a source close to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Baltimore says the investigation is linked to a developer who sought to involve Jack Johnson in a land deal at the Greenbelt Metro station. The investigation is also linked to the transfer of a residential property involving Jack Johnson, the source says.

As reported by The Washington Post:

“Since taking office in 2002, Johnson has been linked to investigations by various authorities, including a pay-to-play accusation involving a county contract to lease office space and a broad FBI investigation involving a massive development project near the Greenbelt Metro station that Johnson had strongly backed.

“Both investigations have involved a number of Johnson associates either requesting payment or receiving strong government support. A Washington Post investigation of Johnson’s first term in office found that he had given 15 friends and allies 51 county contracts totaling nearly $3.3 million.

“In all, Johnson has come under scrutiny for county development deals worth millions of dollars that have gone to people with ties to the county executive. Several of those people had little or no development experience or were given no-bid contracts, according to government records.”

U.S. attorney investigating the case called it a “tip of the iceberg” and part of a broader corruption investigation in Prince George’s county.

You can see the original Jack and Leslie Johnson affidavit here.