Learn how to keep your household clean, green and healthy! Did you know that some cleaning products can be as bad for your health as smoking? Join us for a workshop highlighting best practices for greening your cleaning routine. Participants will learn easy and affordable ways to maintain healthy households.

Green cleaning refers to using cleaning methods and products with environmentally friendly ingredients and procedures which are designed to preserve human health and environmental quality.
As per carpet cleaning indianapolis, there is a misconception that effective cleaning is only possible when the product is full of chemicals! Dan Dan The Carpet Man ensures that their cleaning methods are safe and non toxic for your family and pets. According to carpet stores, chemicals will not only harm your health but may also cause damage to your carpet. Research has given us evidences to prove that the health hazards associated with those products and processes are many and varied. The IAQ of the hotel is adversely affected due to these products, strong chemicals, issues related to HVAC and activities like smoking etc. These strong cleaning chemicals used in housekeeping operations are associated with some serious health problems in humans like eye-throat irritation, head ache, nausea, damage to organs like liver and kidney, even cancer! To top it all, these effects of toxic chemicals may remain in guestrooms for hours even days after use, thereby causing harm to guests too!
By adopting green housekeeping practices in carpet cleaning, like those at www.zerorez.com/phoenix/glendale-az, we can reduce our environmental impact and create a healthier indoor environment for ourselves and our families.
Choosing a carpet cleaning service such as carpet cleaning tulsa that follows green housekeeping principles is a great way to ensure that your carpets are cleaned effectively and sustainably.

If you’re looking for professional window cleaning, you can rely on the expertise of Window Cleaners in Castle Rock CO to provide quality service without compromising on safety or environmental impact.

Certain housekeeping practices like using certified equipment like the one used by this rug cleaning service, microfiber cleaning, entryway matting and water saving devices also add credit to the green cleaning movement. The cleaning equipment in this new range work on the principle of using less harmful chemicals and concentrate more on their mechanical action, time (spent on cleaning) and temperature (of water used).

The vacuum cleaners make less noise and capture almost 99.9% dust and air conditioners use less energy! But before doing any chores, it might be best to ask yourself questions like, “should I mop or vacuum first“.

Light refreshments will be served. Free parking. For more information to or RSVP, contact Todd Larson at toddlarson_99@yahoo.com. Sponsored by the City’s Committee for a Better Environment.

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