Recently, Governor Hogan signed an Emergency Order last week for relief on the Gas Tax for 30 days. Below is a FAQ regarding this emergency order.

How much is the state gas tax? The state motor fuel tax is 36.1 cents per gallon for gasoline and 36.85 cents per gallon for diesel fuel.
2. When will the gas tax holiday begin, and when will it end? The gas tax holiday, also called a motor fuel tax suspension, was signed into law on March 18, 2022, and will remain in effect through April 16, 2022.
3. Will I notice savings when I fill up at the pump? Gas prices constantly fluctuate, even in a single day, and depend on the volatile global economy. However, the price you pay at the pump will not include the state gas tax.
4. Is there a maximum price threshold for motor fuel in Maryland? There is no total price that can be charged for motor fuel in Maryland, but there is a minimum charge required by law to protect small businesses from unfair competition.
5. May I request a refund of the gas tax as a consumer? No. Only qualified holders who paid the motor fuel tax may request a refund.
6. What steps should be taken if I think a retail gas provider is price gouging or not reflecting the tax holiday in their pricing?

Please contact the Maryland Attorney General’s Office, Consumer Protection Division, at 410-528-8662.

7. Will the 30-day gas tax holiday be extended? Currently, the gas tax holiday will end on April 16.