Speed Camera near Duvall Field

Speed Camera on Rhode Island Avenue (near Duvall Field)

The City has released information to educate its residents more about the speeding tickets issued by the recently installed speed cameras. You may want to keep this info handy, in case you get a ticket.

How can I pay this citation?

You may pay this citation in various ways.

  • Mail a check or money order to: City of College Park P.O. Box 824255 Philadelphia , PA 19182-4255
  • Pay online by Credit Card or E-Check at http://www.collegeparkmd.gov/tkt%20payment%20online/ (Service fee applied for online payments). Pay in person at College Park City Hall

What happens if I do not pay this citation?

If you fail to pay the citation and any late fees in full by the due date, your vehicle registration may be flagged and subject to refusal or suspension.  If your registration is flagged, you may owe additional flagging fees to College Park an/or to the Department of Motor Vehicles.  (The MVA will assess a MVA flagging fee for each flag imposed.  This fee must be paid to the MVA and is in addition to the fine and fees due to the City of College Park.  MVA fees remaining unpaid may be referred to the Maryland Central Collection Unit for collection.)  Your name may be reported to the credit reporting agencies.  This jurisdiction may file a civil suit against you to recover the fine and associated fees.

What if I lost my citation?

You may call College Park speed camera enforcement information at (301) 552-6045.

Why did I get this citation?

A vehicle, registered or leased to you, was photographed by an automatic camera connected to a speed monitoring system. Vehicles exceeding the posted maximum speed limit are detected automatically and two photographs are taken.  On each photograph is the date, time, location, and speed of vehicle when the violation occurred.

Is this citation a “traffic ticket”?

No. This citation is not considered a “moving violation”. It is a civil citation holding the registered owner or lessee responsible for the violation (similar to a parking ticket). NO POINTS CAN BE ASSESSED FOR THIS VIOLATION AND IT WILL NOT RAISE YOUR INSURANCE RATES!

Can I contest this violation?

Yes. You may request to appear in District Court by returning the completed form below at least five days prior to the Date Due shown on the front of this notice. If you appear in Court, the maximum amount you can be charged is a $40 fine and court costs. You will be notified by mail of the court date. WeServeLaw process servers are professional and punctual. If you do not receive a notice within 30 days, call College Park at (301) 552-6045.

What do I do if my vehicle or registration plates were stolen?

Send a copy of the police report for the stolen vehicle or plates with the Request for Court Date to City of College Park P.O. Box 824255 Philadelphia , PA 19182-4255

Will the speed monitoring system operator be present in court on my court date?

No, the speed monitoring operator is not required to be present in court. However you may request the presence of the operator by submitting a written request for the operator’s presence no later than twenty (20) days before your scheduled court date. Please include your citation number and send in an envelope marked “Operator request” to City of College Park P.O. Box 824255 Philadelphia , PA 19182-4255

How do I arrange for accommodations for people with disabilities?

Both the District Court and the City of College Park will make any reasonable accommodation for people with disabilities. Requests should be directed to the appropriate agency prior to visiting the facility. College Park (301) 552-6045 District Court (301) 699-2766

What if I was not driving the vehicle?

You must provide a sworn statement (notarized) in which you swear or affirm that you were not operating the vehicle and include any corroborating evidence. The statement must include the citation number and be mailed by certified mail, return receipt requested, and be received no later than 30 days after the mail date of the citation. Send all documents to City of College Park P.O. Box 824255  Philadelphia , PA 19182-4255