Site of Proposed Hollywood Gateway Park

Recently, I came across a discussion on the Gateway Park  funding sources.

The Council adopted the agreement with the developer in the regular Council meeting held on March 27, 2012. Please see item #G-12-49 here in the agenda document about the agreement details.

The developer’s contribution was first noted in the City manager’s draft budget, which was released to public back in early April. The budget was adopted as final on May 22 following community input and public hearing. Please see at page# 360 of the draft budget here about the details of the project’s funding:

The City applied for the MHAA grant last year to support the development, but it appears that it has not received the grant (I’ll double check with City staff). The current FY13 funding for the project will come from Program Open Space (POS) fund and the Greenbelt South Core developer’s contribution.

The City is receiving bids for the contract which it will start looking into early next month.