Hollywood Gateway Park - Wind and Weather Design

The much discussed Gateway Park at the intersection of Edgewood Road and Rhode Island Avenue will be finally presented to the community and the City Council.

To recap, City plans to demolish the existing house at the corner of Edewood and Route 1 and build an eco-park there. a group of residents and University of Maryland worked earlier to come up with a number of conceptual plans. At the end, a landscaping arhitecture and design farm “Floura Teeter” was awarded the contract. Please see here more about that contract.

Since then, Floura Teeter has met with a focus group of city residents to discuss a few conceptual designs. One of the designs, that appear to get most support is called “Wind and Weather” design. Please see above for a schematics of that design.

Here are a few features of the Wind and Weather design:

  • “Gateway Park” Sign at the intersection of Route 1 and Edgewood
  • Park entrance from Edgewood Rd near the intersection
  • New trees along Route 1 to make buffer
  • Sidewalk along Route 1 to be moved behind trees
  • Screen and native planting around the exisiting properties on Edgewood Rd
  • Slides and stairs in the park
  • Pavillion with green roof from recycled house foundation. Cistern / rain barrel inside pavillion
  • Community terrace – connected to 47th Place through entry walk
  • Wind driven sculptures in the lawn

Representatives from Floura and Teeter are expected to be at North College Park Civic Association meeting tomorrow to present this and other designs. They are also expected to come before City Council soon to have their plan finalized.