Washington Gas Meters

Yesterday morning, a resident reported that there was a gas leak incident in the east Hollywood area. She also said that the Alhuda school at the east end of Edgewood Road was evacuated because of this.

I soon contacted the school staff and found that the Washington gas crew and the fire marshals scanned the school building area but could not find the source of the gas leak. The crew however said he was aware of two other incidents – one somewhere in the SpringHill Lake apartment area and another from a junkyard near I 295 (I could not verify this with Washington Gas).

Two other residents living in nearby houses (Wichita Ave. and Cheyenne Pl.) said that they also smelled faint gas. Another resident said she smelled gas Tuesday night when she was walking from Greenbelt Metro’s south entrance.

Later in the afternoon, I also sent an inquiry to Washington Gas to find more about this. Washington Gas’s Spokesperson Mr. Rodriguez later called me and wrote to me about the incident:

To reiterate, our technician found no leaks inside or outside the Al Huda School. The Prince George’s County Fire Board evacuated the school as a safety precaution. Once the Washington Gas technician completed his indoor and outdoor test and found no leaks, the Prince George’s County Fire Board pronounced the scene as “clear”.

Mr. Rodriguez also told me that he is not aware of any other incident in our part of the city. However, he strongly suggested residents to call 911 if anyone smells gas in the area.

In addition to calling 911, you should contact Washington Gas immediately at 703-750-1400 or 1-800-752-7520. You can also contact them to check on the status of any previous call.