Revenue changes:
1.Slight increase in real and personal property tax revenue (+$100,000), income tax revenue ($125,000), and A&A tax revenue (+$150,000)
2. Decrease in Highway User Revenue tax (-$140,000)
3. Increase in speed camera revenue (net of charges to Optotraffic) (+$61,000)
4. Revitalization Tax Credit for the Varsity (-$60,000)

Expenditure changes:
1. Decrease in 0.87 FTE’s (elimination of Asst. to City Manager and Public Safety Officer, addition of part-time Outreach Coordinator Assistant in Youth and Family Services, full year of Asst. City Manager) and associated benefits (-$50,000)
2. COLA and merit increases for employees (+$240,000)
3. Increase in health insurance costs (+$120,000)
4. Cost of buying into Maryland State Retirement Plan (net of decreases to contributions to 401A as a result of switching to MSRP) (+$257,500)
5. Increase in contributions to CPCUP (+$25,000)
6. Decrease in marketing expenditures (-$10,000)
7. Decrease in farmers market costs plus addition of market master and advertising costs for Hollywood Market (-$11,000)
8. Funds for additional crosswalk RRFB signal at Hollywood and Rhode Island Ave. (+$25,000)
9. Decrease in expenses for gasoline and diesel due to newer vehicles, more efficient usage (-$19,000)
10. Decreased contribution to capital improvement projects plus additional $20,000 for PTZ security camera at Hartwick Road and Princeton Avenue (-$140,000)
11. Decrease in workers comp insurance (-$48,000)
12. Increased dues to include Other Dues for National League of Cities constituency groups (+$300)
13. Increased dues to include U.S. Conference of Mayors (+$3,489)
14. Contract lobbyist for assistance with state legislation (+$30,000)
15. Increased cost of retreat for Mayor and Council and department heads (+$1,500)
16. Increased Special Events fees to pay 1/2 of cost of SGA flags for downtown businesses on game days (+$550)
17. Funding for possible City contribution to a feasibility study for a north County animal shelter (+$25,000)
18. Contract pre-treatment of 55 lane miles of City streets with salt brine solution for 2 snow events to assess the viability of purchasing and using this pre-treatment system in the future (+$6,600)

[Ref: Office of finance: City of College Park, Thanks to Council member Wojahn for compiling]