Today, we finished discussing College Park’s fiscal year 2020 proposed budget. I thought I should give a summary of major changes to the budget that residents in north College Park might be particularly interested.

  1. Decreased tax rate: The proposed budget presents a balanced budget with a reduced tax rate of $0.325 (32.5 cents), 1 cent reduction of the current tax rate of 33.5 cents. This marks the first reduction in the real estate property tax rate since FY 2001.
  2. Increased Police budget: The budget proposes Increased funding ($204,000 ) to give an average of 3 patrol officers 24/7, on weekends and for special events.
  3. Three safety cameras in north College Park. The cameras proposed will be installed on Rhode Island Avenue from Greenbelt Rd to Edgewood Rd. The locations are at (a) the Edgewood rd intersection. (b) Duvall Field, & (c) Greenbelt road
  4. New Park in Sunnyside neighboorhood. Last year, I asked to build a park at the eastern end of Odessa Road. Accordingly, an application has been made to the State grant money. This year’s draft budget proposes $90,000, in case the grant is not approved.
  5. Hollywood Dog Park: The budget proposes 328,668 for the proposed dog park on 51st Avenue, just north of the Public Works building. This will be in addition to $50,000 we currently have in the project’s account. We expect the construction to start around this winter – next spring time frame.
  6. Full funding for the Hollywood Streetscape project: With an additional $137,510 allocation in this year’s budget, the project will get full funding of $1,572,093. This will allow us to start the project in this fiscal year.

Next Tuesday night, we’ll continue the budget discussion. At this meeting, we plan to discuss the budget requests made by Council members. I plan on writing more about some of the items in the budget in coming days.