Let us thank our Police for doing another fine job in arresting four individuals in a citizen armed robbery incident at a motel in north College Park. Here is the police report.

On 6/29/2017, officers responded to the LOI for a reported citizen armed robbery. Upon arrival, officers met with the Victim who advised that he was there to meet a prostitute. The Victim advised that he met with a female in a room. The Victim stated that while inside with the female the room door opened and three suspects entered. The suspect began physically assaulting the Victim and struck him in the head with an unknown metal baton. The suspects took a cell phone (Recovered), car keys and a wallet from the Victim and fled with the female. A lookout was broadcasted by patrol units on scene. Detectives from RID / North / RST responded to the scene and canvassed the area. Detectives stopped a group matching the description of the broadcasted lookout. Detectives were able to obtain video surveillance from the T/A which implicated the group as involved in the robbery. Detectives transported the all the suspects to the District I station to be interviewed. All parties were voluntarily waived of their Miranda rights and provided statements to their involvement in the robbery. Detectives obtained photographs and created six person photo arrays which were shown to the Victim at PGH. The Victim was able to make positive identification on two of the suspects. All four suspects were charged accordingly and transported to District I DOC for processing. K-9 responded to the scene and conducted an article search which led to the recovery of the Victim’s cell phone. The Victim sustained a large laceration to the back of his head which required approximately 15 staples. He is currently admitted to PGH in stable condition. The investigation is ongoing.