The <i>Other</i> College Park Foundation

The Other College Park Foundation

Earlier this month, the City Council formed a foundation called “College Park Foundation” in order to help raise funds for various city events and projects.

Such funds may support existing projects such as College Park Day, or other new events such as “an arts and performance space, providing support and services for homeless people, or other cultural events” – said council member Patrick Wojahn. 

The foundation is modelled after other similar charitable foundations such as Columbia Foundation that raises funds for various events and projects in Howard county. 

The foundation will also help the citizen driven projects such as College Park Day to keep track of donations made by private entities. Currently any unused part of these donations go to City’s general funds and managed by the City staff. 

I was a little surprised to see that the City picked up a name which is the same as another College Park Foundation; the latter being operated by the University of Maryland.  More can be found about U-Md College Park Foundation can be found at :