In honor of Black History Month, the City or College Park is providing the traveling exhibition, FLEE! Stories of Flight from Maryland In Black and White, for public display

The Underground Railroad touched all parts of society, enslaved and free, black and white. Runaway slaves looked to friends, family and strangers for assistance. Slave owners and supporters of slavery worked to capture escapees for financial gain and to preserve their local system.

FLEE! Stories of Flight from Maryland In Black and White exhibit explores previously unknown stories of slave owners, fugitives and accomplices to show how slavery and the flight to freedom shapes the lives of all Marylanders. The Maryland State Archives produced this exhibit as part of its ongoing effort to study the legacy of slavery in Maryland. The five-panel traveling exhibit will be displayed on the first floor of The City of College Park’s City Hall building, located at 7401 Baltimore Avenue, during the month of February, available to be viewed between January 31 to March 1, 8AM – 5PM M-F, in honor of Black History Month.