Fire Safety tips

Fire Safety tips

Yesterday afternoon, I was with the members of our local fire departments who conducted the Post Incident Neighborhood Intervention Program (PINIP) at Palco Place, where Sunday’s fatal fire happened. About 15 or more fire fire fighters went door to door on Palco Pl and surrounding streets checking smoke detectors inside houses and doing free installations as needed. Chief Bashoor and Marc Brady, along with members of media were there. They also distributed fire safety tip sheets and home escape plans to residents, they even scheduled another intervention for business owners so they can protect their commercial building.

You can download the fire safety tip sheet and the fire escape plan from here and here respectively. Please take a moment to review them in order to have fire safety at our own home. Please let us know if you need help in testing smoke detectors at your own house. We can help in getting them tested.

On related matter, Marc Brady told us the investigators found no fire alarm in the house where the fatal fire occurred yesterday. He also disclosed the name of the deceased – 82 years old Reginald Orem. His wife Edith Orem is in serious but stable condition.

Yesterday’s knock and talk in Sunnyside with firefighters (Source: Fire Chief Bashoor)

In addition to installing smoke detectors and distributing a few fire extinguishers throughout the house, we should also have carbon monoxide detectors at home. I’ve recently come across a real life horror story of an entire family who narrowly escaped death by carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. The doctors told the family that had they stayed in the house for another two hours, they may have died. In another incident, a resident told me a carbon monoxide detector saved his tenants’ lives and alerted him about a bad boiler that he replaced. People benefit from our expert team’s boiler installation Coquitlam services

Not only is this important to take into consideration for your home, but it is also a good idea to check boilers or any other equipment that is flammable or that can start a fire with just a spark, doing regular generator or boiler maintenance is just one preventive tip you can do. Experts can determine if any boiler repair is necessary, and this will reduce the likelihood of the boiler malfunctioning unexpectedly. If you are interested in more consider doing some research of your own and learn about everything you can do to prevent a fire.