Fire trucks on Laguna Street

I was driving on Rhode Island Avenue yesterday afternoon, when I saw fire trucks rushing to Laguna Street (east of Rhode Island Avenue). I followed them and later found that it was one of my neighbor’s home that caught fire.

Fortunately, the family was safe. The fire damaged some areas around the attic / roof area of the house and was believed to be caused by the heating furnace. I wondered who’s liable for the fire. Due to the recent waves of cold weather hitting our area, this neighbor turned on the heating for the first time this afternoon.

My thanks to BHVFD and CPFD for doing a great job in getting the fire under control.

In case you have a gas furnace in your house, here are a few safety tips you can follow to prevent fires due to furnace heating. Do keep in mind, that first and foremost the best thing you can do is to contact furnace repair professionals to inspect and keep your furnace maintained regularly. In addition, regular furnace repair and maintenance will keep your heating system running at its maximum efficiency.

  • Keep the area around your furnace clean and unobstructed.
  • Keep the burner area of your furnace clean.
  • Schedule a duct cleaning via experts like this air duct cleaning in Memphis every 2 years to maintain the cleanliness of your furnace.
  • But if you live outside Memphis, you can also visit online sites by Clicking Here to see other references for air duct cleaning services.
  • Furnaces that require lubrication on the motors and bearings should be attended to by a qualified technician for a proper furnace repair or maintenance. If it is not working, it may be better get a professional furnace replacement. If you are looking for a small heater for the home, then have a look there as they have some great selections.
  • Do not have anything combustible within six inches of your vent pipe.
  • Do not close off more than 20% of the registers in your house. This can cause high resistance and unnecessary heat build up in the furnace.
  • Do not store combustible material such as paint thinners, gasoline, etc. near your furnace.

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