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Finding a Crime Near You


Though you can contact the P.G. Co. Police to find more about the crimes in your neighborood, there is a better way to find crimes related information. Websites like will let you choose specific location in your neighborhood and find crimes for upto past 30 days. Here is the link for our area: is the largest crime-mapping and sex offender website in the world, with over 500 law enforcement partners and national sex offender data.

You can also get an automatic alert report by signing yourself to the site. Here is the link to sign-up


Thank you, Neighbors!


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  1. One thing to remind people is that for every 1 crime reported there is approx 5 others that go unreported. I personally know three people who have been assaulted and injured, on the their way back to their homes in CP from the Greenbelt metro station while walking on the side walk. A safer college park is not an option.

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