I took my son and his freind to last Saturday’s BARC Field day event in Beltsville. The event was organized to celebrate BARC’s 100th  anniversary. The weather was gorgeous which helped bring a lot of families to the event. Inside the main large tent, the BARC employees showcased many of their research projects in an easy and fun way to understand. There were also displays of farm equipments for visitors to inspect. Also, there was a huge tractor with hay seats transporting small kids and their parents. I took a few pictures of the events, which I’ve posted below; please enjoy.

I also caught the second storm drain marking event at the Hollywood ES. Since it was too late for me to do the actual drain marking, I took a bunch of decals and related accessories (glues, gloves, brush etc.) to mark the storm drain in my part of the neighborhood,  the east Hollywood area. If you’re interested to mark storm drains in your area, please contact one of the organizers (Janis or Vicky). Vicky also told me a number of volunteers, mostly members of a local scouting troop did a great job in marking drains on both sides of Rhode Island Ave (in Hollywood).

The organizers are hoping to have another drain marking event sometime in  this coming Fall. Please stay tuned.