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FBI, Walmart Moving to BARC?

FBI - J. Edgar Hoover Building in D.C. (credit: Wikipedia)

After much discussion about FBI’s relocation to Greenbelt north core, there is a new rumor about FBI’s possible relocation to BARC – Beltsville Agricultural Center.

According to this Greenbelt Patch article, Greenbelt City Council member Roberts has recently alarmed the Council with his opposition to such a move.

The article has also revealed that the Walmart is eyeing to move to the north part of BARC near IKEA.

Mr. Roberts said the Barc will reduce to nothing if these two developments happen on its current site.

“BARC has been whittled down from around 14,000 acres to around 6,000. If the FBI takes another 50 acres, the reduction of BARC will continue until there’s nothing left, Roberts worried. Already, Walmart wants a part of BARC’s south farm near IKEA, he said.” – according to the article.


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  1. Bill Smith

    The FBI should go to the North Core… but if historical trends continue they will end up on BARC like the USDA building on Sunnyside. That was supposed to go next to the Metro station also. But in the end it went to BARC… which makes some sense as it is USDA… but it meant that the 1000 or so employees would like use their car instead of Metro.

  2. Pat

    I would not be opposed to this if they put it between the Beltway and the Federal Court building), extended the Metro by one stop to the new site, and had a nice walkway where employees could get to the dining and retail that will be built on North Core. Otherwise it should just go in the North Core.

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