When: Saturday, Feb 4, 2017 . 11:00AM

Where: Langley Park Community Center (http://theclarice.umd.edu/venues/langley-park-community-center)

What: Family Art Day: Silencio Blanco
Silencio Blanco explores voice through the power of silence in a world where corporate greed feeds corruption. A young man is thrown out of the coal pit where he works, and in a precarious attempt to protect his livelihood and support his family, takes on a new job in the infamously sinister mine El Chiflón del Diablo. Meanwhile, a community copes with this danger in its midst and the uncertainty it sparks in their every day lives. Performing in complete silence using minimalistic marionettes, puppetry ensemble Silencio Blanco spins a universal story of humanity in the face of hardship, highlighting those who are often forgotten behind sensational headlines.

More here : http://theclarice.umd.edu/events/2016/family-art-day-silencio-blanco