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Annual Fall Neighborhood Cleanup'09

It’s that time of the year – the time to do our annual fall neighborhood cleanup event.

fallcleanupThis will be the 4th annual fall cleanup event I’ll be organizing with other residents and school parents in the neighborhood. Those of you who attended similar events in the past years know very well how fun and rewarding it is to take care of your neighbors and the neighborhood.

We hope to gather at the Hollywood Commercial District (MOM/REI/Pizza Roma Shopping Complex) at 10 am on Oct 24, Saturday. We’d like to start cleaning the four corners area first and then go into other neighborhood streets. The event is expected to end by 1pm.

Now here is something that might entice you to join the event (in addition to  the ‘rewarding’ part I mentioned earlier). We’ll be serving free donuts, snacks, juice and coffee throughtout the duration of the event.

Oh!, you’re most welcome to bring your friends and families, especially the young children / students. You’ll see your kids will LOVE to work in these events – guaranteed.

Please call me at (301)659-6295 or Tanweer Ahmed  at (847) 962-1040, if you need more information.


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