Fact Sheet for 9909 Baltimore Avenue – aka ‘Spooky House’

9909 Baltimore Ave

9909 Baltimore Ave

Please see below a fact sheet our staff prepared for the 9909 Baltimore avenue property. The document was circulated at last Thursday’s meeting at Davis Hall. Please let me know if you have any questions. My thanks to everyone who came to the meeting and gave their feedback.

Property Information
• 1.19 acres at the northeast corner of Route 1 and Edgewood Road with a vacant 2.5-story dwelling unit built in 1923.
• Current assessed value is $635,900 ($392,800 land, $243,100 improvements).
• Zoned M-U-I (Mixed-Use-Infill) in the Development District Overlay Zone (DDOZ) of the Central US 1 Corridor Sector Plan (2010).
• District Council approval of the Sector Plan placed special restrictions on this site as follows: prohibited drive through uses; called for development to be predominantly retail or office; and restricted residential uses to12 units/acre above the ground floor. The density limitation could be requested to be modified with the submission of a new Detailed Site Plan according to M-NCPPC.
• Located in the Corridor Infill Character Area which has a maximum height limit of 4 stories and maximum lot coverage of 70%. Corridor Infill is intended to be mixed-use but predominantly residential with a range of building types.
• Site is noted in the Development District Standards as appropriate for a landmark feature.
• Zoned R-R (rural residential) and C-2 (general commercial) in the 1990 College Park Master Plan and SMA
• Rezoned to C-O (commercial office) by owner (Gilder/Murray) in ZMA A-9889 with conditions including not more than 7,500 square feet of office and 2.5 stories. Used as architect’s office with residential use on second floor.
• Placed in DDOZ in 2002 Route 1 Sector Plan.
• Preliminary Plan and Conceptual Site Plan approved with conditions in 2007 submitted by new owner (Zusin). Trip cap limit of 44 am and 44 pm vehicle trips. Edgewood Road to be widened westbound for 1 exclusive right turn lane and 2 left turn lanes. Any residential development requires approval of new preliminary plan.
• Declaration of Covenants signed with City and recorded in land records in 2007 prohibiting certain land uses.
• Detailed Site Plan 06055 approved in 2007 for 21,979 square feet of office with 58 parking spaces. Sidewalks to be constructed along street frontages (see attached). DSP will expire in December 2013 unless extended by the District Council.

Program Open Space Information
• Land acquired with a state grant from Program Open Space (POS) may not be used for any purpose other than public recreation or public open space through covenants in the deed to the property. A conversion to a different use requires prior approval of the Secretaries of the Departments of Natural Resources, Budget and Management and State Planning and replacement of the land with an equivalent area of equal recreation or open space value.
• POS requires two appraisals of the property and will not pay more than the average amount of these appraisals. If the appraisals are more than 20% a part, a third appraisal is required.
• The city has a current allocation of $575,571 for Route 1 open space acquisition that is not obligated to any specific project. Allocations are not “secured” until they are approved by the State Board of Public Works for a specific project.

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