School is almost finished and summer is here – at least it feels like it! We have some great programs for Father’s Day Weekend and throughout the summer! Don’t miss our summer sale in the Museum Shop – 15% off your entire purchase from June 19 – July 3!

Engineering Challenge:
Part I – Egg Drop Challenge

Saturday, June 20 at 12 Noon
FREE admission for contestants!
Regular admission applies for “Support Team”

Participate in the first of three Engineering Challenges!

Design your own contraption to protect a large egg and bring it to the museum to see how it performs!  At high Noon, challengers drop their device from the museum’s mezzanine (a 20 foot drop).  Points will be awarded based on egg survival as well as lightness, ease of operation and creativity.  Prizes will be awarded!

Devices must not use glass or any other material that poses a safety hazard.  They must allow for easy insertion and removal of the egg.  Devices that are smaller than 5”x5”x5” will receive bonus points. Grade A Large Eggs will be provided the day of the contest.

Questions?  Please call the museum at 301-864-6029 or email by clicking HERE. 

Paper Airplane Day
Sunday, June 21

Noon – 4 pm
Free with museum admission

Show us your paper airplane making skills! Build a paper airplane and test it to see how well it flies. Compete in our annual paper airplane derby at 3 p.m.

1,000 cranes for the College Park Aviation Museum!
Starts Sunday, June 21

Noon – 4 pm
Free with museum admission

The ancient Japanese legend of a Thousand Paper Cranes ensures that the person who folds a thousand origami cranes will receive eternal good luck. Our Biological Flyers of College Park Exhibit has encouraged us to look beyond planes at our flying friends and how their bodies are shaped for flight.

Help bring luck to the College Park Aviation Museum, and our local Biological Flyers, by folding paper cranes in the museum. We will keep offering visitors the chance to make cranes until we reach 1,000! Instructions and origami paper will be provided.