Increasing resident engagement is one of the City’s five-year goals, and college students comprise a large percentage of the City’s total population.

The City Council had a robust discussion at its tonight’s meeting. Staff from the UMD Office of Community Engagement, the UMD Student Government Association Director of Civic Engagement, and a representative from Terrapins Vote (a student organization) were invited to participate in this Council Meeting discussion. The City Council Student Liaisons also contributed to the discussion.

Some ideas and challenges discussed included

  • Using student interns and UMD clubs for engagement-related community projects
  • City columns or other communications in the Diamondback
  • the City position primarily focused on student engagement and consideration of modifications to the Student Liaison and Deputy Liaison positions to increase student engagement.
  • Having events both at the campus by the City and the inside the residential neighborhoods by the UMD
  • Adding a student guide on life in College Park and how to engage
  • Having larger access of election candidates to the UMD dorms.

Please let me know if you have any ideas. The Council will continue to discuss this topic regularly in the future.