Duvall Field

Duvall Field @ Rhode Island Ave.

After years of talks on the redevelopment of the Duvall Field, the ball seems rolling..

The City has, for a number of years, been developing a proposal to reconstruct Duvall Field.  The plans were finalized last year; however, part of the project required a developer contribution from the developer of the Greenbelt Station project, which has since stalled.  As a result, the City has decided to pursue the development in phases, completing different phases of the project as funding becomes available. 

The proposed first phase of the project is to rebuild the concession stand as a two-story building with storage on top and a wheelchair-accessible bathroom.  The Boys and Girls Club obtained $75,000 through a State Bond Bill, which needs to be matched.  There are $84,000 in City funds already dedicated to the project as a match, and the City also has $35,000 in Program Open Space funds and $146,000 in already existing Community Parks and Playgrounds grant funding.  The City still needs an additional $180,000 to complete this phase of the project, and will request that through a grant.

The City Council approved the the first phase of application in last week’s council meeting.

[Source: NCP listserve]