At tomorrow’s meeting, the Council will award a contract to assist vision sessions about the next phase of the Duvall Field development contract. The next step will be the preparation of a conceptual plan with community input to determine the other types of facilities and work needed.

This phase may include the reconfiguration of the existing fields, better lighting and other improvements. The scope of services includes the following:

(a) Evaluation of existing information from plans, reports, budgets and mission statements.
(b) Demographic analysis for potential programming.
(c) Stakeholder engagement including a minimum of 4 focus group meetings, 2 community meetings, stakeholder interviews and 2 City Council presentations.
(d) Comprehensive assessment of existing facilities including current condition, functionality, life expectancy and the feasibility of future use or reuse.
(e) Review and profile of nearby competitive facilities and identification of gaps.
(f) Preparation of a conceptual design plan and cost estimate.

The proposed schedule call for the project to get underway by December 1, 2018 and be completed withinfour months.Fiscal Impact:

The project cost of $29,999,000is funded in the Capital Improvement Program budget for Duvall Field and is supported bya$150,000 State bond bill grant. Cover