Last summer, the City Council awarded two contracts for the replacement of the concession / restroom building at Duvall Field in order to preserve State of Maryland funding that was nearing expiration. The State approved these contracts and a Notice to Proceed was issued in November 2014. Subsequently, a developer contribution was received that provides matching funds for the use of previously encumbered Program Open Space funding.

This additional funding will enable the current scope of work to be expanded to include improvements to the plaza area and walkways surrounding the concession building. A change order for additional design, engineering and construction management services is needed to accommodate this expanded work.

The original contract in the amount of $44,990 was limited in scope to include the minimum work necessary to accommodate a new pre-engineered building provided by others. The scope of work included a site plan, demolition plan, sediment control and storm water plans and coordination with the building manufacturer.

The proposed new work includes developing design alternatives for an enhanced plaza area and walkways along with preparing the final design plans and permits. Additional landscaping, lighting and other site amenities are also part of the scope. Construction administration was not part of the original contract but is now being included. CPJ’s cost proposal is for $44,918 and $35,606, respectively, for a total additional amount of $80,524.

Staff from the Departments of Planning, Public Works and Engineering reviewed the proposed changes and find them reasonable and acceptable.

Duval Field Feb 17 2015