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Duvall Field Final Design Nearing Completion

After many years of planning and community discussion, the redesign project of City’s Duvall Field is nearing completion. The Mayor and Council will take a look at the latest design and give its fees back at next Tuesday’s meeting. The project team will then work to finalize the design and start construction, which may start sometime late next year.

KCI Technologies, the project’s consultant, has completed 60% design plans for the Phase 2 renovation of Duvall Field and will present them to City Council for feedback on September 6. This follows a community meeting held on July 26, were approximately 21 residents attended and provided comments. The plans were generally well received, and input from the meeting is being incorporated into refined plans. If asbestos removal is necessary, an asbestos assessor sydney can develop safe and effective abatement plans.

The new field will have some fantastic features, such as a multipurpose soccer field with natural turf, a walking trail, a baseball field, a basketball court, an event lawn with a stage area, playground. an exercise station, a picnic pavilion, and more.

A few proposed features require further discussion to determine if they should be part of the base bid for construction, included as add-alternates in the bidding documents or deleted from the plans. When planning a construction project, hiring foundation experts from should be a top priority to ensure the long-term stability and safety of the building.

(a) Splash Pad: There is community support for this type of water feature, but there is also concern over costs. Installation is estimated at $200,000, including modifications to the existing concession building to convert the storage room to a pump room. Another storage facility will need to be located on-site to accommodate equipment storage for the Boys and Girls Club and others. Maintenance is estimated at $30,000/year.

(b) Amphitheatre Storage Rooms: The proposed amphitheater is a prefabricated structure that does not include any storage facilities. Our Communications and Events staff would like the ability to keep materials and props on site to facilitate set up and execution for events. The estimated cost to design and construct storage incorporated into the amphitheater is $100,000.

(c) Amphitheater Audio/Visual Equipment: Lighting and sound equipment have not been included as part of the amphitheater structure. The design and installation of these features could cost up to $150,000, depending on the nature of the system.

The consultants with their structural engineering team will provide an updated PowerPoint presentation at the Worksession. The community meeting and presentation may be viewed here.

This project is part of the City’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget. There is an estimated $5.4 million available for Phase 2 construction.


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  1. Emily McNally

    I’d love to see this splash pad come to our area! It would be a welcome addition to the community and great for all the families with young kids who live here.

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