Damaged Police Car (the Patch)

It was around 5:45pm last night. I was doing some shopping with my wife, when I received a call from one of my friends in Hollywood area. He said there have been some unusual police activities on Rhode Island avenue and Edgewood Road. According to him, more than a dozen police cars have been cruising back and forth at a high speed on these streets with a loud sirens.

I immediately called District 1 police chief Major Robert Liberati and the Community Police officer Jaron Black. About half an hour later, Mr. Liberati replied and we then talked for some time. It turned out that the activities were related to a high speed police car chase following a crime incident in a downtown store. Unfortunately, the suspect in the incident escaped the incident.

I later came to know more about the incident from the Washington Post, the TBD and the College Park Patch and the Diamondback. Interestingly, the bad guy dodged the cops, after he left his own car in Beltsville area. During the chase, he tried to rob at least two stores in College Park. The elite K-9 unit was deployed, but couldn’t catch the bad guy. Two police cars have also been damaged during the chase.

Police said the suspect is a white man in his 50s with a blue jacket and a hat who was driving a four-door Cadillac.