Today, City’s Redistricting Commission has released the five draft Council District maps to be considered by residents. These maps and information about the Commission’s work are posted on the City’s website. The maps are also posted on a separate website,

You can see the five proposed maps (Proposal 1 – Proposal 3C) here.

You can also view the draft maps separately and can use an interactive map here to look at the options and other layers of information.

Key changes to new maps include

  • District 1: Southern boundary has been moved a couple of blocks to the north. The Autoville neighborhood and some student apartment buildings, south of MD 193 (Enclave, Tempo, etc) are added to the district.
  • District 2: A good part of Daniels Park, Oak Springs neighborhoods, and the College Park Yarrow and Estates have been added. University apartments (Enclave, Tempo) have been removed, but other new apartments (Landmark etc.) are added depending on the proposed map.
  • District 3: The College Park Yarrow and Estates neighborhood and some part of the northern part along Route 1  have been removed, but now will include increased population.
  • District 4. The Autoville neighborhood has been removed, but will now include several new apartment housing.

The City Charter (§C2-2, “Districts”) requires that the Council review council district boundaries at least once every 10 years, soon after the decennial census is available. On February 22, 2022 the City Council approved Resolution 22-R-04 which established a Redistricting Commission to assist in this review.

The charge to the Commission includes a review of the population and voters to determine if reapportionment is necessary; scheduling public hearings and receiving public input on the factors to consider if reapportionment is necessary; developing three plans to submit to the Mayor and Council based on a four-district, two council members per district model; and the criteria and other considerations upon which to base a recommended reapportionment.

Public Redistricting Commission Meetings to Review Draft District Maps!
The City’s Redistricting Commission will hold two meetings for residents to review and provide feedback on the Commission’s draft City District maps.

  • Thursday, September 1, 2022 at 7:00 pm, Davis Hall (9217 51st Ave) 
  • Monday, September 12, 2022 at 7:00 pm , City Hall (7401 Baltimore Avenue) 

Residents can join both meetings via Zoom by clicking HERE.

One of the five draft redistricting maps proposed by the redistricting commission. The proposed district boundaries are in solid black. The existing districts are color-coded – yellow (D1), blue (D2), green (D3), and red (D4)

[City of College Park]