A draft letter on the amended Rt.1 sector plan by the city has recommended the current C-S-C (commercial shopping center) zoning be unchanged for the Hollywood commercial district.  The city previously recommended a Mixed Use-Town Center (M-U-TC) zone for the district. The Park and Planning rejected the original M-U-TC zoning in part because “they feel it would be difficult to implement an M-U-TC zone in the current sectional map amendment, and in part, because of public opposition to any possible increased density that might come with the M-U-TC zone”.

Thanks to Councilmember Patrick Wojahn for providing the details on the draft letter. He also notes:

I understand that some residents, including my colleague, Councilmember Nagle, have serious concerns about rezoning the Hollywood Commercial District in any way that would allow more density in the area.  I have proposed a compromise to limit any increase in density in the commercial district to 20% over what currently exists, but I also believe that we could use local input in the plan to prevent any increase in density that would add to traffic or have a negative impact on the surrounding residential areas.

Because I remain concerned that the C-S-C zone will not spur redevelopment in the area, I have proposed an amendment that we request Park and Planning to develop a study group to look into the M-U-TC zone as a possible option for the next sectional map amendment.  That will also allow residents more time to consider the option and decide whether it is an appropriate option for Hollywood.

The council was set to decide the final text of the letter in last night’s work session.