It has only been a few days since the Hollywood residents had their national night out against crime – yet they have braced two back-to-back crime incidents in their neighborhood.

Looks like, the criminals didn’t get the message.

The first major burglary happened late Saturday night at one of our neighbor’s house on the 5000 block of Nantucket Avenue (east of Rhode Island Avenue). The burglars took the neighbor’s TV, new work laptop, cell phone and wallet (with cards / drivers’ license).
While the burglars left, they also took his car key and drove his car away. They also stole the GPS inside the car.

Most likely the burlars entered the house from a side window.  They opened the side door and took the stuff outside. They also used a ladder to enter another room – they did not take the ladder when they left.
And here is the part that has shocked many neighbors – all these happened while the neighbor was asleep (possibly some time around 4am). 

Also, a day earlier there was a break-in at 9700 block of  51st Place.  Someone kicked in the back door of the house and stole an X-box game system and ran.  Police canvassed the area and were unable to locate the suspect. Later, a neighbor saw 7 police cars near the crime area.

The double incidents have understandably hit the nerves of local residents. One resident living on Mineola Rd. has this to say:

There is TOO much crime in this area. It’s ridiculous, and the residence no longer feel safe. I’ll say it again, the present system we have for policing is not working. It’s not. I even spoke to some officers in person who agree with me. I am tired of hearing the politicians tell us that statistically it’s average…..average to what….Montgomery County? No, average to Prince Georges County. Until we stop thinking of this as average for the county, we are not going to change things.