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Do You Have a Drainage / Flooding Issue In Your Yard?

The City of College Park is currently running a project to investigate drainage issues within the College Park community at various locations.
A comprehensive investigation will be performed to determine the contributing factors, and detailed sketches will be developed to demonstrate proposed drainage features that can be easily implemented on private properties to address drainage concerns.
The project is expected to efficiently address drainage problems to eliminate homeowner concerns using a low-cost straightforward design.

Maintaining a clear and efficient drainage system is essential for the safety, health, and well-being of a community. Especially in urban areas, where dense populations and structures are present, improper or inadequate drainage can lead to significant problems, including waterlogging, property damage, and even health hazards due to stagnant water. These affected homeowners would then need to hire water extraction services to try to resolve these issues in order to prevent further damage to the property. In order to ensure the aforementioned drainage system works efficiently, professionals should provide any needed sewer line repair as well as regular maintenance.

Why Drain Cleaning is Essential

  1. Prevents Waterlogging: A clean drainage system ensures that rainwater and other runoff can flow without obstruction. This prevents the pooling of water on roads, yards, and other areas.
  2. Protects Infrastructure: Over time, blockages in the drainage system can put undue pressure on the infrastructure, leading to cracks, breaks, and even collapses. Regular cleaning reduces this risk. Hire expert drains San Diego to perform regular cleaning to ensure that the drain is properly working.
  3. Health Concerns: Stagnant water can be a breeding ground for pests like mosquitoes, which can spread diseases. Drain cleaning reduce the chances of water stagnation, thereby mitigating health risks.
  4. Environmental Impact: Blockages can also lead to the overflow of pollutants into natural water bodies. This harms aquatic life and can render water unsafe for use.

How the City is Addressing the Problem

The city’s proactive approach to investigate drainage issues in various locations is commendable. Not only will this provide a clear picture of the current state of the drainage system, but the subsequent development of straightforward designs will make it easier for homeowners to implement effective solutions.

Please email me and/or Engineering directly if you experience drainage or flooding issues in your yard. we’ll add your address to the list.


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  1. Jeffrey Miller

    9609 50th Place
    College Park, MD

    Northeast corner of my yard does not drain well with heavy rain.


  2. Fazlul Kabir

    Hi Jeff, Thank you for reaching out. I’ve added you to the list. The project team will contact you about the next step in the study. Thank you!

  3. Trevor Lewis

    5011 Paducah rd
    College Park Md
    Water from neighbor’s house behind, accumulates in my yard during rain
    301 982-4657

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