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Do You Have a Drainage / Flooding Issue In Your Yard?

The City of College Park is currently running a project to investigate drainage issues within the College Park community at various locations.
A comprehensive investigation will be performed to determine the contributing factors, and detailed sketches will be developed to demonstrate proposed drainage features that can be easily implemented on private properties to address drainage concerns.
The project is expected to efficiently address drainage problems to eliminate homeowner concerns using a low-cost straightforward design.
Please email me and/or Engineering directly if you experience drainage or flooding issues in your yard. we’ll add your address to the list. Please include some description of the problem, when you write to us.
Also, please spread the word. Thank you.


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  1. Jeffrey Miller

    9609 50th Place
    College Park, MD

    Northeast corner of my yard does not drain well with heavy rain.


  2. Fazlul Kabir

    Hi Jeff, Thank you for reaching out. I’ve added you to the list. The project team will contact you about the next step in the study. Thank you!

  3. Trevor Lewis

    5011 Paducah rd
    College Park Md
    Water from neighbor’s house behind, accumulates in my yard during rain
    301 982-4657

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