At last night’s City Council meeting, the Council decided to hold District 2 special election on Sunday, November 8, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the College Park Community Center.

District 2 Councilmember Brennan has recently submitted his resignation from the City Council, indicating that he would serve through September 30. City Charter Section C3-6, Vacancies, states if a vacancy occurs more than 180 before the next general election, the vacancy shall be filled by Special Election held not later than 65 days after the vacancy exists. In this case, the vacancy exists beginning October 1 which is more than 180 days before the next general election, so a Special Election must be held by Friday, December 4.

The Board of Election Supervisors proposed that

(a) the City mail applications for absentee ballots to all District 2 registered voters to encourage the vote by mail option. If a voter has requested a ballot by mail, they may not vote on Election Day.

(b) The Special Election will be held at the College Park Community Center. Social distancing and other COVID safety protocols will be in place.

(c) The City has ordered a secure ballot dropbox to be installed at Davis Hall to provide voters with two options to return their ballots: either through the USPS or to the secure ballot dropbox.

(d) The Board plans to use paper ballots that are hand-counted rather than using ballot tabulators, and t use Voter Authorization Cards rather than ePoll books. These choices will eliminate the need to engage a vendor to provide these services.